Welcome to ASECOLab

which means Adaptive Security and ECOnomics Lab

We are the security research lab at Information and Computer Sciences at University of Hawaii at Manoa. We are also still affiliated with Department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway University of London (where the first ASECOLab was founded in 2012).

We study how security is achieved through adaptation, and how  fortifications give an illusion of security. This has to do with economics, but also with cryptography (see the pictures above). Our research is thus more “interdisciplinary”, and perhaps riskier than most people like; but it’s huge fun.

We also teach SecSci (Security Science) courses and try to share the fun.

Adaptive Strategies
Game theory was developed to facilitate decision making in the Cold War. The problems of cyber security are also complex and adversarial. So why is game theory not a standard tool of cyber security?
Security Science (SecSci) at University of Hawaii at Manoa More...
Creative privacy
Concealing private data by restricting information flow is proving clumsy… More...
Cyber Security Problems
Cyberspace challenges some of our basic communication assumptions. Authentication problems have been treated in computer security. But cyber space also changes our notion of computation.
Economics of anti-equilibrium
Exploring and formalising the dark side of economic force. More...
Gaming security by obscurity
Adaptive attackers explore the system. Adaptive defenders explore the attacks. More...
Mining dark matter in networks
Networks link buyers and sellers with no previous interactions. How can I trust someone I’ve never met? More...
New Directions
There are already many different approaches and directions in security. Why seek new ones? Security is one of the driving forces of history: both war and diplomacy are efforts towards attaining security goals.
Physical, social and cyber security
Work on logics of observation and communication. More...