SecSci: Security Science Courses

While traditional sciences are concerned with truth, as confirmed by experiments, modern sciences are increasingly also concerned with lying and deceit, as enabled, implemented, countered, and prevented in network computation. Security Science gathers methods and results of research into adversarial computation.

As computation is spreading through networks of devices and people, security has been growing into a central problem of Information and Computer Sciences. The quest for solutions offers an increasing range of employment and business opportunities in security and privacy for the ICS graduates. The BA and BSci in ICS with the focus area of Security Science (SecSci) provides the technical capabilities and the conceptual background needed for entry into this exciting and expanding area. Although computation begins with programming, modern applications often involve physical and social interactions that cannot be programmed or engineered. The processes of security, privacy, and trust therefore offer a glimpse beyond the engineering aspects of computation, and into Computer Science as a genuine science.