ICS 222: Basic Concepts of Computer Science

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What is Computer Science about? Understand the ideas and models of language, computation, complexity, network; learn to apply them in practice.


This course presents the conceptual background of Computer Science as a science, and the fundamental ideas and methods of theory and practice of computation. It introduces and explains the concepts of language, state machine, computer, interpreter, specializer, compiler, using a graphical framework for reasoning about computability, complexity and program construction. The students will acquire the capability to understand and use the basic methods of Computer Science.

People, time and place:

  • Lectures, Labs, Practica: Dusko, Liang-Ting, Muzamil
    • Time: Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-16:15
    • Place: Sakamai 103 (or Keller 304, when announced)
  • Period: 23 August 2016 – 15 December 2015
  • Office hours: Tuesday 13:00-15:00, or by appointment

Lecture slides and notes: