ICS 222: Basic Concepts of Computer Science

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What is Computer Science about? Understand the ideas and models of language, computation, complexity, network; learn to apply them in practice.


This course presents the conceptual background of Computer Science as a science, and the fundamental ideas and methods of theory and practice of computation. It introduces and explains the concepts of language, state machine, computer, interpreter, specializer, compiler, using a graphical framework for reasoning about computability, complexity and program construction. The students will acquire the capability to understand and use the basic methods of Computer Science.


Documentary about Alan Turing.

People, time and place:

  • Lecturer: Dusko Pavlovic
  • Co-instructor: Tobias Heindel
  • Teaching Assistant: Sushil Shrestha
  • Lectures and practica:
    • Time: Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-16:15
    • Place: Sakamai A103
  • Office ours:
    • Time: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-14:00 (Lecturer and Co-instructor)
    • Place: POST 315 or 311
  • Calendar (Please check Laulima for updates.)

Slides, notes

(The practica and the homeworks with model solutions are available through Laulima, or from the lecturer.)